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CONTACT Dr. Zvi Sever
I am Dr. Zvi Sever (formerly Associate Professor in University of Indianapolis); feel free to contact me! sever.zvi@gmail.com
I regularly write on the website ethicscode4space so as to popularize the idea of ethics in space and to help the scientific community, decision makers and the public to integrate it into UN resolutions.


Dr. Zvi Sever was born in Tel Aviv in 1951. He received his PhD in Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University. He was an Associate Professor of biology at the University of Indianapolis (2003-2020), an expert in Behavioral Ecology and a world expert on the Indian Crested Porcupine.

He is also the European Commission’s expert for education and has spent the past decade directing educational leadership reform on a national scale in Israel. At the Prime Minister’s Office, he pioneered educational initiatives as a Member of the Task Force for Druze, served as a member of the Council for Higher Education’s Committee for the Arabic-speaking Sector and was Head of the General Director’s Office at the Ministry of Education.
One of the initiators of the Mar Elias Campus in the Galilee, branch campus of University of Indianapolis, the first Arab university campus in the Holy Land to meet the academic, social and spiritual needs of Arabs, Druze and Jewish students in Israel.
He served in the headquarter of Israel’s national initiative to provide greater access to higher education to gifted youth in Israel’s periphery (Atidim) and His 'Gifted law' for Israel is now under the parliament progression.

During the past five years he has been conducting research in the rain forest of the Semuliki national park, west Uganda, and is now leading an international project to bring back the endangered Okapi to Uganda.
Dr. Sever is currently leading a project to integrate a document he prepared ("An Ethical Code for Space Activity") into UN resolutions.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ethics code for space-related questions, I will be more than happy to answer you as soon as possible.


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