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Following the UN Charter of 1945 which include in chapter 1 maintenance of international peace and in chapter 9 co-operation, the first outer-space's UN decisions in 1958 are: Outer space should be used for peaceful purposes only… and international co-operation:

1958- 1348 (XIII). Question of the peaceful use of outer space.

An article by Sever (2020) states that territoriality will not exist in space. In the same vein, in 1962 the United Nations mandated that there will be no requirement for sovereignty or occupation in space.

1962- 1962 (XVIII). Declaration of Legal Principles Governing  the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space. 

About 55 years ago, in 1966, a United Nations Commission was organized to establish a set of rules for the activities of countries in space. An agreement was drawn up by the members of the United Nations Commission known as  The Outer Space Treaty. It contains a clause which claims that: “Outer space…shall be the province of all mankind.”

This closely resembles the first of the eight codes in the Sever (2020) article, which states that space is a public domain.

Furthermore, in Sever (2020) it is declared that no weapons will be put into space, while The Outer Space Treaty is satisfied with prohibiting just nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction…

The treaty states that the environment should not be harmed, which includes avoiding harmful contamination.  This is very similar to what Sever (2020) dictates regarding pollution and debris, “It is prohibited to pollute the ecosystem in space.”

1966- 2222 (XXI). Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon 
       and Other Celestial Bodies. (Called- The Outer Space Treaty) 

5 Space Treaties and 5 space Principles over the years 1967- 1996:

1996- Space Law Treaties and Principles. (1967 - 1996) 

     A booklet, United Nations instruments, represents the most comprehensive and up-to date volume of instrumentsthat have been development, promoted and strengthend under the auspicesof the United Nations. These instruments constitute the principale body of international space law.  2017- International space law: United Nations instruments. United Nations, New York.

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