17 Mar

 Sever, Z. 2020. An ethical code for living in space. Room Space J. Opinion, Spring Is,  23: 76-79.    

* The population in space - All those who left Earth

* The Ethical Foundation - The ethics or moral philosophy that developed in the East and West  on Earth will also be pertinent for human activity in space, for example, "Thou shalt not kill" from the Ten Commandments.

* Legal backup - Activity in space will be supported by  Earth’s judicial system and
    enforcement measures.

* Education - Education has significant influence on future generations, and the ethical code for space activities will also be addressed.

* Settlement in space - activity in space, during which time, accommodation sites are
established. The settlers in space are a strategic arm of the Earth's population, with all
   that it entails, including avoiding conflict of interests, in the first 100 years.

* The first 100 years - this document, after being discussed and signed, will be used for the next 100 years, and it is recommended that towards their end all its characteristics undergo a re-examination.

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